Cancellation Notice

Cancellation of services can only be requested via the WebClick Client Portal. Written notification of cancellation will not be accepted, except in specific circumstances at the discretion of WebClick.

All services are automatically invoiced when they fall due, therefore you must cancel your services if they are no longer required. As per our terms of service, 30 days notice must be given to cancel all services.

Account Backups

Prior to cancellation of any hosting account, it is the responsibility of the account owner to take a backed up copy of the contents of the hosting account. This includes website files, databases, emails and any other data stored within the hosting account.

WebClick can provide a backup of your account to you, if you require. However, it must be requested by an authorised account contact prior to the cancellation request being received. The backup will be supplied on a CD and sent to the primary account holder's postal address. The fee for requesting a hosting account backup is $121 inclusive of GST.

Unless a backup is requested, WebClick will not take a backup of the account beyond the automated backup routine that is run by our hosting servers. If you require a backup of the hosting account after it has been terminated, please contact WebClick immediately. Fees and charges will apply.

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