What is an Authorised Contact?

An authorised contact is a person who is able to contact WebClick on behalf of your company, organisation or group regarding the hosting services of the linked account. For a person to become "authorised" they must be listed as an account contact in the WebClick Client Portal. This applies to both email and phone contact.

An authorised contact should be anyone who may need to make contact with WebClick, such as for billing and invoicing enquiries, system password retrieval or account administration enquiries. They do not necessarily need to have access to the WebClick Client Portal. An authorised contact may be granted access to the WebClick Client Portal when the contact is converted into a sub-account holder for the account, giving them a username and password to log into the portal. This must be done by the primary account holder or another sub-account holder with an appropriate level of access.

Please Note

You can have more than one authorised contacts listed in your account, in fact you can have as many of you like. However, if we are contacted by a person not listed in your account, we cannot disclose any information regarding your services, unless this information is publicly available.

Primary Account Holder

The primary account holder is the person who originally created the hosting account. By signing up for WebClick services, they are authorised to act on behalf of the company, organisation or group.

The primary account holder should also be the primary contact for your company. The primary account is linked to all functions of the WebClick Client Portal account and receives all invoices, emails and responses to all support tickets. Therefore, the primary contact should be the person who is delegated the task of managing the hosting services, rather than a manager or director of your company, group or organisation.

Changing the Primary Account Holder

If the primary contact for your hosting services is no longer associated with your company, organisation or group and you do not have access to the WebClick Client Portal and you are not an authorised contact, you will need to contact the WebClick Helpdesk from an email address linked to a domain listed in your hosting account with the new primary contact's details. Our support staff will then transfer ownership of the client portal account to the new primary contact and email the new details.

If you have access to the WebClick Client Portal, you may log in and change the primary contact details.

If you are an account contact, you may email the change of account ownership to WebClick and our support staff will then transfer ownership of the client portal account to you.

If you do not have access to an authorised domain email address, you will need to submit reliable proof that the hosting account is under new management. Contact the WebClick HelpDesk for more information.

WebClick's Security Policy

WebClick will not give out sensitive account information over the phone, including account information, login information or passwords. This is because we are not able to verify the caller's identity or relationship to the hosting account holder and aims to prevent fraud and unauthorised access to our client's hosting accounts.

WebClick will not perform administrative requests received to the support ticketing system that are not sent by the account holder or an authorised contact. WebClick will not send sensitive account information to an email address that is not authorised in the WebClick Client Portal.

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