WebClick support team members are not able to retrieve your password and send it to you. Our systems encrypt all passwords for your privacy and protection.

WebClick Client Portal

  • Go to the WebClick Client Portal
  • Click the "Forget Password?" button
  • Enter the account email address
  • Instructions for resetting your password will be sent to this email address

If you do not know which email address is linked to the primary account, open a ticket with the Support Helpdesk requesting that your password is reset. The password will be changed and sent to the primary account holder.

If your authorised contact or primary account holder has changed or the email account is no longer in use, go to our Authorised Contacts page for more information.

Plesk Control Panel

You can access the Plesk Control Panel through the WebClick Client Portal.

Plesk Control Panel Sub-Accounts

Have you created a sub-account for your website developer and they've lost the details? If you have any Plesk sub-accounts set up, these will need to be reset via the Plesk Control Panel.

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Create and manage user accounts in Plesk

Email Accounts

Reset email passwords for email accounts through the Plesk Control Panel.

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Create an email account or edit an existing one

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