Email Account Essentials

Your full guide to using your WebClick mail service ... Read more

Spam and Junk Emails

What are they, why do you receive them, how to avoid them ... Read more

Hosting Information

Help! I've been hacked!

What does it mean and how to fix it ... Read more

Linux vs Windows

What does it all mean, exactly? ... Read more

Account Information

Authorised Contacts

Who can contact our support team? ... Read more

Payments and Billing

Got an invoice to pay? Here's how you do it ... Read more

Reset Your Passwords

How to reset your Portal, control panel and email passwords ... Read more

We're Here To Help

  • Local Servers and Data Centre
    All our servers are located in Perth and we host all your sites and data on our equipment at our Data Centre.
  • Local Perth Support Team
    Enjoy local support and assistance with every account from our on-premises support team.
  • KnowledgeBase
    Featuring many answers to common hosting questions, our KnowledgeBase is regularly updated with all the information you need to manage your hosting services.
  • Remote Assistance
    Our team can safely and securely remotely access your computer to resolve a range of issues.
  • Unlimited Email Support
    Access your support ticket area from the portal to get issues addressed quickly.

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?

That's where we come in. With our knowledge & know-how, we can guide you to the right hosting plan for your needs. All WebClick sales are handled by our support team, so you know you are getting the right advice for your needs with no tricks and no upselling.