• 1Ghz CPU
  • 25GB storage space
  • 50GB traffic per month
  • 1 static IP
  • 2 star
    server performance
Best Value
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2Ghz CPU
  • 40GB storage space
  • 100GB traffic per month
  • 1 static IP
  • 3 star
    server performance
Best Performance
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1.5Ghz Dual Core CPU
  • 80GB storage space
  • 200GB traffic per month
  • 4 static IPs
  • 5 star
    server performance

What is a VPS? Why do I need one?

With a typical shared hosting service you are just one of potentially 100s of web sites on the same server, with only a small share of the available CPU and RAM. This is simply insufficient for many modern web sites to perform acceptably. Security can also be an issue with such hosting when it not properly set up and/or maintained.  If a fellow client web site is hacked, it can cause problems for your own web site.

For this reason a popular trend has been the move to virtual private servers (VPS').  This is where a client essentially receives a slice of the server resources, ie. CPU, RAM, and disk space. Here they may install their own operating system and web site, safe and secure from the security issues of other client sites. Typically there might be 1 - 10 VPS clients on a server, and the server intelligently allocates resources to each VPS.  If one VPS temporarily needs more CPU time or RAM and it is available, it will be allocated to them, again assuring great performance. So for great performance and security the VPS is a great solution.

A VPS is a little more expensive than a basic shared hosting account, but it is considerably cheaper than a dedicated colocated server.  PerthWeb offers a VPS service starting at just $29 per month, and it is available for either Linux or Windows.  Web Click are also happy to help you install and configure your operating system, including a firewall and control panel software to manage FTP access and mail boxes etc.  We can also providing ongoing backup services.  See our packages, sign up online, and have a VPS running today!

Get More From Your Hosting Company

What's life without a little excitement? At WebClick, you don't have to take the same old plan as everybody else. We believe in giving you the service you need, whether it be a domain or three, a little extra traffic to help get you by each month or some beefed up security. Mo' features, no problems!

Our Promise To You

What's the most important thing in the world to you? At WebClick, we value our clients above all else. So if we tell you that we have a promise for you, we mean it. We provide a reliable, premium service that we are proud of and we won't take your hard earned dosh for a service we don't believe in.

High Performance Your share of server resources

>99.9% Uptime Servers that don't sleep

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Scalability Guarantee As your business grows, so does your hosting

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  • Local Servers and Data Centre
    All our servers are located in Perth and we host all your sites and data on our equipment at our Data Centre.
  • Local Perth Support Team
    Enjoy local support and assistance with every account from our on-premises support team.
  • KnowledgeBase
    Featuring many answers to common hosting questions, our KnowledgeBase is regularly updated with all the information you need to manage your hosting services.
  • Remote Assistance
    Our team can safely and securely remotely access your computer to resolve a range of issues.
  • Unlimited Email Support
    Access your support ticket area from the portal to get issues addressed quickly.

Can't Find What You Are Looking For?

That's where we come in. With our knowledge & know-how, we can guide you to the right hosting plan for your needs. All WebClick sales are handled by our support team, so you know you are getting the right advice for your needs with no tricks and no upselling.